Photoshop Intro

Basic Photo Retouching & Resizing/Cropping

In this tutorial we’re going to cover some basic image adjustments. We’ll use the following tools:

  • Toolbar & Menu (what Adobe calls “the work area”)
  • Levels (Tones, Colours)
  • Spot Healing
  • Clone Stamp
  • Burn/Dodge Tools
  • Blur/Sharpen Tools
  • Crop Tool

We’ll also have a look at the Image Size tool and Export tool. And we’ll use this image. Please click on it so you can get the full-sized version:

If you want screen caps, etc., the Berkley j-school intro has them all!

Mr. Melonhead — Basic Selecting & Layers

For those who’ve never used Photoshop before, we will be learning the essentials.  We will look at:

  • layers
  • selecting
  • image adjustment
  • saving for the web.

Mr. Melonhead

Obviously, to start we need something to work with.  I’ve posted a large jpg file that will help us learn the basics. To download the largest version of the image, which has the most resolution, right-click and “save link as”:


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