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Welcome to The Pixel Guild!

You are now a member of the tribe of pixel-masters, creators of a new mediasphere. This is a vital and exciting place, but it’s also in a state of flux. Work in the mediasphere differs from traditional modes of work. There’s a premium on creative approaches, synthetic thinking, and the autodidact is rewarded.

That latter skill may be something you’re surprised to see highlighted on a university course website, but it shouldn’t. Universities have always helped people learn how to learn, and my hope is The Pixel Guild will give you a level of comfort with learning new technologies that you will carry with you, so that you can teach yourself new media techniques as they change and emerge in the future.

This website will act as a hub for MMJC 9104, The Social Media & Digital Production Dojo and FIMS 9733, Advanced Web Design & Content Strategy.

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