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10 Days of Twitter for the Master of Media in Journalism and Communications program

This is a self-directed course intended to help you get up-to-speed with Twitter, and if you’re already using Twitter, to get more out of it. The original #10DoT program was devised by Dr. Helen Webster, and she made the materials freely available under a Creative Commons license. The #MMJC10DoT version is adapted from her original program, and designed with journalism and communications in mind, where possible.

The original concept is to get up to speed in 10 days, but to keep things manageable, I’ve spread it out during the first half of the term in 9104. You can finish it early, and I would actually recommend that, as things get busy later in term.

You can see how this course is evaluated here. The final step includes building a mini-site I want you in

Of course, if you’ve been tweeting for a while, this will be a breeze to do, but I hope there’s still some things you’ll learn.


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