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Gathering data

Apart from the obvious kinds of places you can gather data: using Google searches, StatsCan resources, Wikipedia and so on, there are many tools that will enable you to gather or “scrape” data off the web. Here’s a couple articles that review some options:

7 tools for scraping data

Capterra has reviews of tools that scrape data too

Planning your infographic

This article from Fast Company does a great job of walking you through the process

Making infographics

Free services to help you design your own infographics:

This layout cheat sheet from Piktochart is quite good. It has lots of tips and advice to follow:

infographic layout cheat sheet

You can also check out their design series, which includes 8 articles.

And here’s a longer piece about the whole process:

And of course, you want to see more infographics about infographics — here’s 11.