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Integrated Story Samples

A few samples from previous MMJC students from last year, 2017 and 2016. I’m afraid I didn’t archive from the first year, but there were some excellent pieces then too.

(My apologies if there’s an occasional dead link in the list, as these things change often. Do let me know if you spot one! There may also be some missing clips, depending on the service the students used, such as Soundcloud.)

I’ve listed these are in no particular order, and obviously, not everything is perfect, but they all scored an A or A+ on my rubric. Generally speaking, you’ll see that a good comms story has all the same hallmarks of a good journalism story — both should focus on storytelling, hooking your audience’s interest, and keeping to the facts. The main difference is that a comms story has a particular perspective or persuasive goal in mind, while a journalism piece is there to inform.

The other thing I’ve tried to do with this list is to show you a variety of ways to present a multimedia story. As you can see, the technology you choose will have quite an impact on how you can tell your story, so it should go into your planning and pitch.