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Audience & Analysis

Google Analytics

If you’re redesigning an existing website, this should be your starting point in terms of looking at your audience. There is a separate list of resources to help you learn this important tool here.

Media Monitoring


This is pretty much the state-of-the-art suite of measuring and analytics tools to get into the head of your audience. It’s also useful for monitoring your social media, marketing and PR campaigns.

This also tracks conversations on social media, in addition to tracking mentions of your brand in traditional media. And also expensive.


This is a good choice for a low cost approach to doing your monitoring.


Like Cision, this is a big (expensive) platform to help you measure and do analytics on your audiences. Their AI looks quite promising.


Spreadfast (Khoros)

Another tool for monitoring. Their help sheet is good, so that’s encouraging.

Talkwaker and BuzzSumo

Both of these are free services that can help you track what is being said about you, and what is trending in other conversations. Quite useful for looking at your existing audience.

Keyword Tools


This is a great tool provided on Neil Patel’s website to help you drill down into your keywords. Could be used to help provide a controlled thesaurus for your writers.

Google Trends

This shows you what is trending on Google in terms of search. I really like that this breaks the data down into geographical segments!


Technically keywords, this tool will help you refine your hashtags by looking at what is popular, what is trending, and what are viable options for overused hashtags.