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My hope is we can add to this as we go. Detailed lists are in the drop down. If you find something you think we should add, just send me an email!

Digital Projects and Coding Trainers

LinkedIn Learning

Western University students, staff and faculty all have access to this wonderful resource until Sept. 21, 2020. I’d encourage you to get all you can out of it while you have free access. This is especially rich with high-quality tutorials on web design, visual design skills, and TONS of courses on specific software packages such as Photoshop and InDesign.

Udemy [paid]

Another giant repository of training, which covers everything from language learning, to business courses, to IT. I haven’t tried any of their WordPress courses, but their HTML course seemed fine.

Codecademy [free]

This is a great resource for learning code on your own, and you can sign up and do the courses for free.


WordPress 101 [paid]

I haven’t had a chance to try these videos yet, but they look promising.