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Integrated Storytelling

MMJC 9201 Telling the Story Using Integrated Media (Journalism)

This course teaches you how to capitalize on gathering, packaging and distributing news and information in a digital age. It is designed to get you thinking about audience consumption habits and how you can combine sound journalistic reporting and enterprising digital design to make your stories trend.

You will experience the demands of a real newsroom, including mobile reporting from the field, content creation for social media and hard deadlines. Everyone will be expected to practice the skills they acquired in previous courses but will also be encouraged to experiment with new storytelling tools.



  1. To think critically about story construction, presentation and audience engagement
  2. To develop judgement about story ideas and execution
  3. To create media-rich stories for online and mobile
  4. To practice journalism skills and professional ethics
  5. To develop team-based leadership skills and innovative-thinking technique[/box]

Consider this course an opportunity to add to your professional portfolio and to develop your integrity as a journalist.