Self-directed exercises for 9104

You’ll have some time to work on these in the lab, but you’ll also need to wok on some of them outside of the lab. Certainly the Twitter exercise, #MMJC10DoT, will require a bit of effort outside the lab time, but that’s good.

Why? Part of learning to be comfortable with technology — and this will be a key component of your careers — is taking the time to learn new skills, experimenting, and putting in the effort. Like any art, such as painting, learning a language, playing the piano, you get better by DOING. It’s right there in the etymology of the word: “skill as a result of learning or practice.”

So these exercises, and indeed, the assignments, are just a way of getting you to practice. Here are the exercises for 9104:

  • #MMJC-10DoT: complete this online course (5 points)
  • Burli Workshop: take the workshop and submit the script (2 point)
  • HTML/CSS: complete the five exercises (4 points)
  • Photoshop: complete the exercise (3)
  • LinkedIn Profile (1 point)
  • Portfolio (5 points)

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