Blogging — is that still a thing?

blogger at work with nice espresso

Hell yes. Blogging, and by that I mean a consistent flow of regular and meaningful content that is indexed and categorized — continues to drive many organization’s content strategies and marketing efforts.

According to TechClient, websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages. That means a lot more traffic from the search engines!

Longer blog posts seem to get better results too. The top-ranking posts on Google are, on average, between 1,140-1285 words. (Source: SearchMetrics)

This article about blogging frequency from HubSpot about the frequency and length of blogging is quite intriguing too. Based on their user group (more than 13,500 customers), they discovered a huge increase in traffic and leads based on more frequent blogging (16+ times/month.)

And there’s a fabulous set of stats here on the state of blogging in 2019. The article also includes data on content marketing and using social media with content marketing, along with some tips.


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