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Following People: Day Three of #MMJC10DoT

You’ve sent your first tweets, creating interesting and engaging content for your potential followers. The other side to Twitter, of course, is the stream of information brought to you by the people you follow. And if you follow people, chances are they will take a look at your profile and decide to follow you in return (which […]

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Retweeting: Day Six of #MMJC10DoT

You’ve send a few tweets over the last five lessons – hopefully you’ve found plenty in your everyday routine which would be of interest to others, whether they are your student colleagues, peers in your field, other professions within or beyond. But it really would be hard work to generate all the material yourself to feed your […]

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Hashtags: Day Seven of #MMJC10DoT

Hashtags (using the # symbol) is where Twitter really gets interesting. Today is therefore a little more complex than usual, apologies! The hashtag is, like the @message, a feature that was developed by users of Twitter, and was taken up and integrated by the platform as it was so useful. Basically, the hashtag is a […]

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Managing People: Day Eight of #MMJC10DoT

Over the last 7 lessons, you may have found that as you continue to use Twitter, you come across more and more interesting people to follow, and your following also grows exponentially. Keeping track of them all can be a challenge, and sometimes you will want to focus on certain groups of them over others, […]

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Managing Information: Day Nine of #MMJC10DoT

If you’re choosing who to follow effectively, then your Twitter feed should be full of interesting tweets and links to webpages etc which you might want to follow up on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, lose track of it all, miss things and mislay things! Twitter itself has a few features which can help you […]

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Troubleshooting for #MMJC10DoT

Troubleshooting Hopefully you won’t encounter any problems from joining Twitter. All social media has its negative aspects as well as positives, and you may have seen high profile cases such of abusive tweets, trolling and doxing.  Thankfully such examples are rare, especially if you’re using Twitter professionally and focussing on your own community of practice […]

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Sending Tweets: Day Two of #MMJC10DoT

Twitter only allows you to send 280 characters, which doesn’t seem much. But that is not all. It used to be only 140 characters, and the vast majority of Tweets still are closer to the 140-character length than longer. It’s difficult to say something meaningful in such a short amount of text. But that doesn’t […]

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