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How the Internet and Web Work

Ever wondered how those Tweets get to your smartphone, or how those funny cat gifs arrive in your Tumblr feed? Here’s a short video that explains the basics of how the Internet works: You may also want to check out this shorter video, how the web works, via Commoncraft. And if you happen to be […]

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Google before you Tweet

Yes, using Twitter to “crowdsource” research that is easy to do using Google — totally uncool. It’s better to use as a way to find: people to interview sources for stories lines of questioning for interviews. Have you thought or heard of other ways to use Twitter for journalism work? (via Look At What Jo […]

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Twitter in less than three minutes’s Chris Taylor describes Twitter, it’s advantages and dangers, all in 2:53. You may want to check out the full article on CNN’s site too. It examines the trouble New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is in because of Twitter: 9 things Weinergate tells us about Twitter. Story Highlights: Twitter is very effective at spreading the […]

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Setting up your profile: Day One of #MMJC10DoT

Welcome to Twitter, and to #MMJC10DoT To start off with, you’ll need to sign up to Twitter. You can see people’s tweets without an account, by viewing their profile or by searching for a keyword, as it’s a very public social media channel. Without an account, though, you won’t be able to join in the conversation, and that’s […]

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