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Are your Tweets protected Intellectual Property?

What kind of protections do your Tweets and other posts on social media have?  Many Twitter users, and social media users generally, have a lax attitude toward intellectual property rights. So much social media content is stolen, borrowed, shared, and posted in the name of “exposure,” that many social networks are being used primarily as […]

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Why Learn the 6 Universal Shortcuts to Persuasion

You’ve probably already heard about Dr. Robert Caldini’s six principles of persuasion, but it’s important that we discuss it early, I think. This article on the 6 principles of persuasion at Psychology Today explains Caldini’s history, and how he came up with these ideas. The shortcuts are: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus Check out […]

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How the Internet and Web Work

Ever wondered how those Tweets get to your smartphone, or how those funny cat gifs arrive in your Tumblr feed? Here’s a short video that explains the basics of how the Internet works: You may also want to check out this shorter video, how the web works, via Commoncraft. And if you happen to be […]

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