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Managing Information: Day Nine of #MMJC10DoT

If you’re choosing who to follow effectively, then your Twitter feed should be full of interesting tweets and links to webpages etc which you might want to follow up on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, lose track of it all, miss things and mislay things! Twitter itself has a few features which can help you […]

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Troubleshooting for #MMJC10DoT

Troubleshooting Hopefully you won’t encounter any problems from joining Twitter. All social media has its negative aspects as well as positives, and you may have seen high profile cases such of abusive tweets, trolling and doxing.  Thankfully such examples are rare, especially if you’re using Twitter professionally and focussing on your own community of practice […]

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Sending Tweets: Day Two of #MMJC10DoT

Twitter only allows you to send 280 characters, which doesn’t seem much. But that is not all. It used to be only 140 characters, and the vast majority of Tweets still are closer to the 140-character length than longer. It’s difficult to say something meaningful in such a short amount of text. But that doesn’t […]

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Are your Tweets protected Intellectual Property?

What kind of protections do your Tweets and other posts on social media have?  Many Twitter users, and social media users generally, have a lax attitude toward intellectual property rights. So much social media content is stolen, borrowed, shared, and posted in the name of “exposure,” that many social networks are being used primarily as […]

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Setting up your profile: Day One of #MMJC10DoT

Welcome to Twitter, and to #MMJC10DoT To start off with, you’ll need to sign up to Twitter. You can see people’s tweets without an account, by viewing their profile or by searching for a keyword, as it’s a very public social media channel. Without an account, though, you won’t be able to join in the conversation, and that’s […]

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